Emily Walker
UK Film photographer.

I am a passionate film photographer, take photos every single day, love my collection of cameras and always have at least one in my bag. In truth I find writing about myself difficult, so instead I thought I'd use some photographs to show you a bit about my life, all captured on beautiful 35mm film, the way I love to shoot. 

In our digital age, you might be wondering why I shoot film. My reason is simple, I think there is a beautiful quality to images captured on film that cannot be rivalled. I love the way film captures light, I love the grainy softness and the richness of colour. Shooting film encourages me to slow down and stay present in the moment. Images seem more real, have more depth and are more beautiful in a film photograph. 


With all my sessions you receive high resolution digital images so you can print and share them as you wish. I am often asked how I give digital images when I shoot rolls of film?

Well...... after your session the rolls of film are safely couriered to the lab where they are processed and then the negatives are scanned at high resolution creating beautiful digital images. Then I collate these images and create an online password protected gallery, email you the link and you download them.


Please have a look through my galleries of work, I am happy to answer any questions and discuss your requirements, I would love to hear from you.

You can also follow my Instagram for updates and new images @emilywphotography