newborn film photographer

Natural newborn photography - Baby brother!

I photographed this family when their first son was born back in 2016, so it was a real honour to be asked back to photograph them again as they welcomed their second son.

It was a lovely morning, I absolutely loved how natural they were together, so loving and happy.

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Why do I shoot film? - UK Film Photographer

In our digital age, you might be wondering why I shoot film. My reason is simple, I think there is a beautiful quality to images captured on film that cannot be rivalled. I love the way film captures light, I love the grainy softness and the richness of colour.

Despite all the filters and apps you can use in digital photography nothing can reproduce the tones, the softness and the colours that film produces.

Shooting film encourages me to slow down and stay present in the moment. Images seem more real, have more depth and are more beautiful in a film photograph. 

To me there is something magical about the whole process of film and I LOVE it!!